1. the prices on the Store's website displayed next to the given Goods are gross prices and do not include information on delivery costs and any other costs that the Customer will be obliged to pay in connection with the sales contract, of which the Customer will be informed when choosing the method of delivery and placing the order.
(2) The Customer may choose the following forms of payment for the ordered Goods:
a) bank transfer to the Seller's bank account (in this case, processing of the order will begin after the Seller has sent the Customer a confirmation of acceptance of the order, and dispatch will be made immediately after receipt of funds in the Seller's bank account);
b) bank transfer through an external payment system Przelewy24, operated by PayPro S.A. with its registered seat in Poznań (in this case, processing of the order will begin after the Seller has sent the Customer a confirmation of accepting the order and after the Seller has received information from the Przelewy24 system that the Customer has made the payment);
c) cash on delivery, payment to the Supplier on delivery (in this case, the processing of the order and its dispatch will be initiated after the Seller has sent the Customer a confirmation of acceptance of the order);
Third The Customer is each time informed by the Seller on the Store's Website about the date by which he is required to make payment for the order in the amount resulting from the sales contract.
In case of failure by the Customer to make the payment within the period referred to in paragraph 6.3, the Seller sets an additional time limit for payment and informs the Customer about it via e-mail or in writing. Information about the additional time limit for payment shall also include information that upon ineffective lapse of this period, the Seller shall withdraw from the Sales Agreement. In case of ineffective expiry of the second deadline for payment, the Seller shall send to the Customer, via e-mail or in writing, a statement on withdrawal from the agreement on the basis of Article 491 of the Civil Code.


Prices, delivery and delivery costs

The Seller realizes the Delivery on the territory of the Republic of Poland and countries of the European Union.
(2) The Seller shall be obliged to deliver the Goods being the subject of the Sales Contract without defects.
(3) The Seller will post on the Store's Website information about the number of Business Days needed for Delivery and Order processing.
4th Delivery and order processing time indicated on the Store's Website is counted in Business Days from the time of payment by the Customer if the Customer chooses the prepayment option.
5th Delivery and order processing time indicated on the Store's Website is counted in Business Days from the conclusion of the Sales Agreement if the Customer chooses the "cash on delivery" payment option.
The ordered Goods are delivered to the Customer by the Supplier to the address indicated in the order form.
On the day of dispatch of the Goods to the Client (if the possibility of personal collection of the Goods has not been selected), information confirming dispatch by the Seller is sent to the Client's e-mail address.
The Customer shall examine the delivered parcel at the time and in the manner usual for parcels of a given type, in the presence of an employee of the Supplier. In case of any defect or damage of the parcel. The Customer shall also have the right to request an employee of the Supplier to write an appropriate protocol.
9th The Customer has the opportunity to collect the ordered Goods in person. The collection can be made at the Seller's office on Business Days, during opening hours indicated on the Store's Website, after prior arrangement with the Seller of the collection date by e-mail or telephone.
The Seller, according to the will of the Customer, attaches a receipt or a VAT invoice covering the delivered Goods.
In case of absence of the Customer at the address indicated by him/her when placing the order as the address of Delivery, an employee of the Supplier will leave a message or attempt to contact by phone to determine the time when the Customer will be present. In case the ordered Goods are sent back to the Online Shop by the Supplier, the Seller shall contact the Client via e-mail or telephone, setting again with the Client the date and cost of Delivery.
12th Customer's order is handled by the shop within 48 hours excluding Saturday and Sunday and public holidays. Delivery time depends on the operation of the courier company and is up to 72h from the conclusion of the sales contract with the Customer.
13th Product prices are in Polish zloty and include VAT. The Seller reserves the right to change prices of products on offer, introduce new products and cancel promotional campaigns and make changes to them without affecting the rights acquired by the Customer until the changes are made.
14. information on delivery costs for each product is published during the ordering process.
16th Deliveries of goods purchased in the Internet Store are carried out by courier companies.



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