The best manufacturers of collectible car models in the Models118 offer

You are a novice collector and you are wondering whether to bet on Norev car models , GT car models Spirit or Otto miniatures ? On the other hand, AUTOArt car models and Minichamps car models they also have a good reputation… Don't worry! Our shop with car models provides not only a very wide selection - we describe each product with due diligence and add detailed photo documentation. Thanks to this, you can carefully look at the presented model and decide whether it will fit your collection.

Our experience and passion with which we approach the collection of car models meant that we are able to select for you the best manufacturers and models that are really worth buying. Over the last years, we have had thousands of models from various companies in our hands (including both resin car models and car models made of metal or composite), so we had a lot of opportunities to see what good quality means.

Manufacturers of collectable car models you need to know!

Modeling enthusiasts build their collection at their own discretion - so it is natural that each of them pays attention to different aspects. Among our clients there are enthusiasts of Mercedes miniatures, people who are interested in sports car models , as well as fans of metal miniatures of cars. Regardless of how you build your collection, there are several manufacturers of collectible models whose quality will always satisfy you.

Therefore, in our offer you will find, among others:

Otto car models - miniatures of this company are very popular, especially resin car models . The manufacturer provides a wide range, and the prices of cars are really competitive.

car models Minichamps - the manufacturer offers a very wide selection of models with various themes. Collectors particularly liked the older, fully openable models.

AUTOart car models - all models from this manufacturer are distinguished by very high quality, hence the brand has already gained the name of a legendary one. Older AUTOart models were made of metal, while in the newer proposals we are dealing with a quality composite.

Spark car models - the brand specializes primarily in racing car models. In the proposals you will find both modern GT cars (GT3 / GTE), long-distance cars (LMP1 / LMP2), as well as historic F1 cars.

GT Spirit car models - if you are interested in resin car models , you should check out the proposals of this brand. In the GT Spirit offer you will find mainly modern cars, mainly from the premium or supercar segment .

Norev car models - the manufacturer provides an ideal price-quality ratio. Many Norev products have opening elements, which is a huge plus for many collectors.

At Models118 you can also buy brands such as Almost Real, MCG, Kyosho , ACME, BBR, FAV and many, many more. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our entire offer!