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Every collector of miniatures knows car models from Ottomobile . It is a French brand that produces various models in limited series. Importantly, the company releases a new vehicle every month. So it's worth following our shop with car models and subscribing to our newsletter - we try to update the assortment on an ongoing basis and inform our regular customers about it.

Vehicle models in 1:18 scale from Otto are valued not only for a wide range of brands, but also for good quality and very attractive prices. Otto models in the display case look amazing, which is why we are convinced that you will find many miniatures among the brand's proposals that will appeal to you and take a unique place in your collection.

Models in 1:18 scale Ottomobile - check our offer!

Audi models, Citroen models, or maybe Honda models? These are just some of the automotive brands whose miniatures are produced by Otto. An interesting fact is that the first model in the brand's offer was the Renault Clio Williams. Today you will also find:

Mercedes Otto car models,

Alpine Otto car models ,

Volkswagen Otto car models ,

Renault Otto car models,

nissan otto car models ,

BMW Otto car models ,

Ford Otto car models ,

Honda Otto car models

… and many others.

Remember that Otto, although he releases new models regularly, collections are limited. Some of the miniatures that are no longer available on the manufacturer's website can reach exorbitant prices over time, so check as soon as possible whether our offer includes what is missing in your collection.

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